Buddha Bookshelf

Welcome to the ‘Buddha Bookshelf’! This is where I share readings on Buddhism, philosophy, and the occasional “self-help” book that I enjoy.  I am an avid reader and while I read tons of fiction, I try to simultaneously read non-fiction books as well. Often these books are focused on Buddhist philosophy, or just general books to help remind me to breath, be patient and not lose my mind in this crazy world we live in. It feels like the news is a constant anxiety inducer only to be made worse by the hatred it spreads, and the anger we feel at those who are seemingly not phased by the state of the world. Sometimes it feels as if greed and corruption have taken over and humanity is doomed. So clearly in this society, one can never read enough books that lift your spirits. Reading one Buddhist or self-help book will not help you tackle the constant barrage of negativity out there.   I also really enjoy these books. The Dalai Lama has some amazing books; Thich Nhat Hahn and Pema Chodron both write such inspirational beautiful books that are a pleasure to read as well.  If your mind and soul need a pick me up, this is where you can find some recommendations!

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