I am about to write four words I never thought I would say: Welcome to my blog.  I have always had a desire to write but was so intimidated by the concept of writing a blog.  Write something for anyone in the world to read… Are you kidding me?  Who would give a crap about what I would have to say? What if people are mean?!  Blogs are pretentious!

I learned over the years that many of my experiences, and my love of travel especially,  gave me some interesting stories to share.  Blogs didn’t turn out to be what I feared, although I may or may not, but definitely do, have a fear of technology.  They are a wonderful way to express yourself and connect with those who may be interested.  I am starting this journey sharing some of my past adventures, while also writing about new ones.


More about me… I lived in Brooklyn, N.Y. until recently and actually grew up there.  Often people say, “I know you are from Brooklyn, but where are you REALLY from?” I was born here, and for some reason that makes me unique.  I would never trade growing up here for anything in the world.  My husband and I recently bought a house upstate in Wappingers Falls, NY.  Never heard of it?  Yeah me neither but we are slowly loving our new home and life as homeowners.


I work in Production in the film industry and I’m sure some of those adventures will make their way on here.  I also got married a year ago so as you can imagine there’s a lot to say about that… A LOT.  But I will spare my husband who has been pushing me to write – even if I am afraid of someone stalking me online to tell me my stories are lame.  But for now my focus is my love of travel, reading (especially about places I am about to visit and Buddhism), and food.  I know… really original topics for a blog.  The most unique topic I will write about is my friendship with a Buddhist Monk, Khenpo Dhondup.  We met in Nepal in 2012 and have become great friends over the years.

There are a few things you should realize, or will if you continue reading this blog.  If you are looking for a travel blog by a twenty-something posting a bunch of selfies in a bikini, drinking margaritas at an all inclusive resort; this is not the blog for you.  I left my twenties a decade ago and while I do enjoy the occasional tropical drink on the beach (I’m not a savage after all), my travels are centered around experiencing new cultures, while learning about myself in the process.  I don’t rule out any experiences… while I may enjoy a fancy cocktail at the Strand Hotel in Yangon (C’mon, George Orwell used to hang there…):

16114604_10210710950943746_3853491866762819180_n.jpg… I also am not shy about posting memories such as drinking tea served from a Winnie-The-Pooh thermos, at a rest-stop near Kalaw (Myanmar), after not showering for several days:


I will often bring up my experiences volunteering at a Buddhist Monastery in Nepal, an experience that has changed who I am. I still Skype with some of the monks to this very day.  They are part of my life and continuously provide insight into the world that helps me become grounded.  I have travelled alone and learned the the beauty of being solo in a foreign land.  I also had a recent honeymoon in Myanmar and feel so grateful to have experienced this magical place before it gets over run with tourists.   There is a lot to share and more to come…

I hope you enjoy what you read.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” ~ Mark Twain



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